Oohlaaa lah lah lah!


Marriages comes once in a life time and every couple and family delicately and elegantly values the day more than any other event that could ever occur in their life.


Because of the clauses that associated with this remarkable memorable event, the team leaders and their subordinate within the PositiveWorld / AfricanPrincess Events, do not underestimate any kind of challenges that may arise–no matter how simple it might look during the preparation of our client wedding reception.


We solely work endlessly and effortless to inherit our client’s stress and worries about their day, to make them being achievable. We simply add colour to your glorious day and make it a positive place to be.


We carefully have an arranged first class services for any corporate event, such as Executive Gathering Lunch, Product Launching, Award Night, Training Session, End of Year Christmas Festivity.


Our team are always prepared to offer client with our unique packages and also have a room for flexibility to professionally reshape our client planning and suggestion for their event.


We seriously value team work between us and our client in other to achieved the best possible way to make your corporate event a memorable positive day.


Household and Thanksgiving cuisine packages started the landmark of our catering business. We seriously value our starting point and intended to keep it no matter the worth of our success in life.


We have grown so much in the services and extended it to different thanksgiving services conducted in the church such as Departmental Church thanksgiving, Wedding thanksgiving, Wedding Anniversary, Baby Dedication & Thanksgiving, Children & Adult Birthday thanksgiving, Funeral / Burial thanksgiving etc.


We also extended the services to meet the needs of our special working class client who are so busy and later thinking on how they will grace the stressed of their kitchen in other to satisfy their various family after a hard day job at the office. We warmly encourage our client to order for some numbers of different cuisines we have hygienically prepared and packed in a take-way container on a booking purposes for it fresh delivery, In return our client neatly arranged them in their refrigerator at home and later to microwave the numbers of packs they could consumed during eating either in the house or at workplace.


We all understand the line up of busy schedule within the December. Singles and family are busy shopping and preparing for different get to together parties for Christmas and New year day alongside everyone workload at the office in other to meet up end of the year target.


AfricanPrincess Cuisine & Events had turned this whole services as Our Yearly Unique Packages that we always await of, in other to give our client the best households cooking for their family and make the festive month a stress free season to enjoy our different delicious delicacy.