4Real Natural Body Cream


Apply the gentle moisturising cream to your skin in the shower or bath with a massaging sponge.


Dry your body and massage a small amount into your skin once more.

MOISTURISING: The herbal ingredients of 4Real Natural Body Cream gently moisturises all skin types (White, Black and Asian).

Apply the gentle moisturising cream in the shower or bath with a flannel or massaging sponge. The unique formula deeply penetrates the skin on all levels and brings any imperfections to the surface – this rare method will permanently eradicate skin problems. The deep protective formula strengthens your skin’s Melanin and defends against the effects of bad weather.

This approach gives you softer skin, unlike any other moisturiser on the market today – say “hello” to baby-soft skin, truly anti-ageing.

Beauticians agree that 4Real Natural Body Cream are perfect for spa treatments such as Full Body Massages, Manicures and Pedicures.

BLEMISHING: Blemishing simply means “to wash and remove” and this directly follows on from ‘Moisturising’ by cleansing the surface of your skin, normalising it back to it’s natural state without burning.

After bathing, massage more cream into the skin to remove any remaining irritations which are contained within the dead skin.

Washing your skin with 4Real Natural Body Creams prevents skin cancer and kidney disorders by cleansing your skin with hydroquinone, gentle steroids and a mellow bleaching gel.

TONING: 4Real Natural Body Cream moisturises and allows your skin to return to it’s natural glow. Contrary to popular belief, bleaching and toning are not the same thing. Bleaching simply removes the skin outer layer, compromising it’s protective Melanin and exposing you to diseases such as skin cancer and consequently, kidney disorders. Toning gently protects your essential Melanin, maintaining your natural shine and unique colour. This defends your skin in harsh weather.


4Real Natural Hair Cream


Mix the cream in your hands before running it to your hair, gently massaging it deep into your scalp. Run your hair through your fingers, applying the cream throughout.


Steam your hair naturally without pain. Mix one tablespoon of 4Real Natural Hair Cream with two egg yolks or hair conditioner and apply sparingly to scalp. Thoroughly massage into your scalp and leave for a minimum of one hour. Leave longer for deep heat.

Wash your hair with conditioner and dry with a towel or blow dryer. Gently massage and style the hair as you desire.

Repeat these steps daily to supply enough nutrition for growth.

4Real Natural Hair Cream is a 2-in-1, 100% organic hair care and growth treatment. The unique deep conditioner method will gently stimulates the scalp relieving you of itchiness, prevent flaking due to dandruff and breakages.

An antiseptic sulphur, herbal treatment that accelerates the growth of naturally fuller hair.

Having longer and fuller hair gives you the freedom to accommodate almost any hairstyle offering you genuine confidence.

Restore under malnourished, tired hair from other non-proteinous, chemical products back to it’s natural shine. It also repairs stress related hair-loss.

In order to quickly inherit the full benefits of 4Real Natural Hair Cream we advise you strictly adhere to the above steps.

4Real is inspired by our maker, within our team we are committed to allowing you to shine bright in your natural uniqueness. Change the way you think and feel, gain a new confidence.